'Dreams really do come true' - Netizen, happily shared her room make-over to the internet | City Servants


Girly theme room by a netizen, wowed the people after sharing the outcome of her room make-over! | City Servants

A bunch of people out there is having fun making unusual activities that they don't do before. And one of the examples of it is making your boring room customized! 

Today, a netizen shared the journey of her room make-over to her social media account, Facebook. In which it made it to the top and went viral as of today! 

Here's the full post: 

"Hello everyone😊.. just showing you the kids small bedroom transformation at the same time classroom na karon😂.. Designed by Roel Perales III . .
Room Measurement: 8feet x 10feet

feel free to pm Roel or my cousin Genevie Ann Muñoz if you like your small bedroom become spacious and customized.."

Look at that pretty and clean sleek girly theme room! 

What do you think of this room make-over? Do you want your rooms too to be like this? Hmmmm. Rate it from 1-10! Commen down below! 

Source: Jm Batucan Lawas | Facebook

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