Pregnant Mom, shared his experience with his husband on how many times she was being cheated | City Servants


Pregnant Mom, shared his experience with his husband on how many times she was being cheated | City Servants 

"Cheating is really choice and not by accident!" 

We all heard about that famous line and yet still there are abusive people who really took advantage on their kind partners.

Ivy  Cajes, posted on her social media account and expressed her rants about his husband cheating history! 


Everything is just gone.

"I'm having a hard time how to start everything because I'm shaking at the events today, I'm crying while watching this all. My pity is now with my son all that I can't stand a whole family.

I hope the girl you choose today over us and dodong, be happy. 😭 Can I ask where did I get crazy? I gave everything you want, but why not enough? I surrendered everything for you because I believe I'm happy to be with you as a family. I'm going to have a good time when I conceived, not only usa, two, you're flowing more than that. I am too much antos! I made so much patience just for our baby with a father and a complete family. I accept it all Stephen! But this time enough is enough. My pain is no longer worth it! The child has been affected because of my sadness because I'm breastfeeding until now.

Og nimo girl, hinaot you are happy with family naguba. Hinaot can do it with your conscience that you saw my child fall on. Hinaot can you prepare your gisudlan ron. Stephen is a married man. Our child just got 11 months, bag or got married in the church last Nov. 30 more. Hinaot you can't be the same in my situation that I choose from his many bae.

And to you Stephen Dulera, I hope you are happy watching your family left and left.


On the other side, Ivy's post went viral and received a lot of support and cheer-up message from her friends and other random people! 

This incident served as a reminder to all of us that we should take care and choose the right person we look up onto! 

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